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We offer packages for both children and adults. Premium package events are generally 2 hours long and  we also have an available dining area with a bbq, table and seating for your use and enjoyment complete with access to the Maitai River from this area. 

We provide a fantastic location and fun packed entertainment for your Corporate events, Xmas parties, birthday parties, team building, organization etc. Both small to large groups. 

The dining area is perfectly suited for you to bring your food and drink for after the event.

There is a strict zero alcohol policy during the event but participants may bring and consume their own

after the event in our dining area. 


Packages we Provide:

Target Shooting 

Come and experience traditional style archery with medieval period style bows, arrows and equipment. Enjoy the peaceful setting in our beautiful location and our fun shooting range.

No Archery experience needed. We give everyone basic instruction.

This event is 1 hour long and is $25 per person and $20 per Child under the age of 12. 


Target Shooting Plus

Come and experience traditional style archery with medieval period style bows, arrows and equipment. Enjoy the peaceful setting in our beautiful location and our fun shooting range. We  also include archery games for that competitive edge!

No Archery experience needed. We give everyone basic instruction.

Our Target shooting plus package is perfect for those work do's or birthday's, large groups and organizations that are wanting more of an experience. This package is a themed 2 hour event. Participants get to experience our range dressed up medieval including the host! We include games for more of that competitive edge, great if you want to include prizes for the staff or family!

We also have available a stunning area behind the range with a large table and plenty of seating and BBQ with gas  for those wanting to bring and include food for a meal and refreshments for after the event. We can provide extra time for this and is an extra $5 per person which includes the use of the BBQ. 

Our target shooting plus package is $35 per person. The event is  2 hours long.  Use of our dining area and BBQ is an extra $5 per person.

Premium Event Package

Experience archery in a medieval setting using traditional medieval period bows, arrows and equipment.

Your host will even be dressed in traditional medieval garb! 

No archery experience needed!​

Follow up with a fast paced fun packed experience which is medieval combat archery. Two sides get to face off with low poundage bows and safe foam tipped arrows with the aim of taking the other team out. Participants also get to wear medieval style helms for face protection. A fast paced and fun packed safe game medieval style! 

Also included as part of your package is our dining area which is perfect if you wish to include your meal or lunch following the event. We also have a barbecue available for your use with gas provided.
Bring your food and drinks ( alcohol may be brought and consumed only after the event in our picnic area ).
Just behind the picnic area is also an entrance to the Maitai river. Participants may also use that area if they wish.


Our premium event packages are $45 per person for 3 hours. The event generally runs for around 2 and 1/2 hours with extra time given for meal requirements. BBQ with gas is provided.

Combat Archery Event

Get a team together and come experience medieval combat archery. A Larp/combat archery experience that is fast paced and a lot of fun. Two teams face off with safe foam tipped arrows. Participants also wear face protection in the form of medieval style helms.

Combat archery events are generally 1 1/2 hours long and are $30 per person.
Ages 10 and up, minimum of 6 people.

Children's Birthday Package

Book us for your child's birthday for their very own medieval experience.

Children get to partake in traditional style archery in a medieval setting. This is done in a safe and fun environment.

Included in the Children's birthday package is our safe foam boffer swords and wood shields. Children can have fun acting out safe medieval battles. They can also have a go at our giant slingshot!

This package also includes full use of our dining area with table and seating for your party cake and food.

The event is 1 and 1/2 hours long and is $25 per child, minimum 6.

Parents who also wish to participate in archery are $25 per person. There is no charge for anyone not participating in the archery. Our range is set up for parents to enjoy at the same time.
Participating children must be over the age of 8.

To book your event contact us at:  03 546 9272 or emailing us at:
Bookings can also be made by messaging us on our Facebook page.

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